Thursday, August 11, 2011

Meet Legs

Meet Legs.....she's 9 going on 18 sometimes even older....she's the love of my life and the

most amazing person i will ever know.

she makes me smile every single day, several times a day.

she is completely her own person and i don't want to change a thing about her

i stole this pic of her while visiting my parents while in FL. she's very creative

{wonder where she gets that from? ;) }

Legs tells the funniest stories,
has the biggest bestest laugh,
sweetest smile,
biggest warmest heart,
super caring about others,
amazingly smart,
and i could honestly keep going......

she's the best part of me. she makes me be a better person.

she will be entering 4th grade this year. she's got her worries and concerns, as do i.
but i know, we'll both get through it together.

this picture was taken 4th of July with our Max
aren't they just the best?

i love you, Legs


Sarah G said...

She's a doll Amanda! You're (and her Dad) doing a great job raising her. :)

Amanda said...

thanks so much!!!

saintrise said...

Boy, Leggs is very lucky to have such a great mom. If mt mom had ever given me 1/100 of the praise and love you give Leggs, I would have grown up with much less difficulties and confidence.