Wednesday, August 3, 2011

craft ideas

so borders is closing... :( we loved going to borders and checking out all the books and other goodies the store had to offer....but sadly no longer. on a trip to see what deals were to be had, i came a across this book that i'd been kinda wanting. it was for a decent amount off and it will hopefully jump start my creative juices.

even tho martha can get on my nerves sometimes with how crafty she is, or rather her team, i still think a lot of the ideas are really awesome.

i love how simple these paper flowers look to make!!!! a lot of supplies needed it seems like, but totally worth it in the end. who knows??? maybe i'll get super crafty around the house and create dozens of these flowers?

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Kari said...

I really need to get reacquainted with my inner crafter. You just might be all the inspiration I need. <3