Monday, January 31, 2011

had an idea!!!

so whilst wondering around the kitchen this morning while looking for yummy food to eat i figured something out, and got rather proud of myself! i figured out something "techie" without having to ask the hubby. so yeah, proud moment for me.

i follow a great blog that you can find here. Ashley is an amazing, quirky momma and i love reading her posts and little glimpses in her life. she did a post called "things you should know if we're going to bff's" to read that click here and that going me thinking....there's been new stuff you might not know about me. so here i go at my attempt at it.


i love music from classic rock to even some of the new pop stuff

i constantly have an inner soundtrack playing in my head. even while grocery shopping or reading a book, there's some kind of music playing in my head

my favorite word is "believe" i think that word is just amazing and i'm going to dedicate a whole post to that word

my favorite shape is a star. i LOVE stars. they are so pretty and magical

along with my inner soundtrack i do sometimes have inner conversations. i think about "oh...i wish i said THIS!" or "this would be cool if we did this...." some of my greatest ideas have come from these conversations

i am now wondering if you are quietly thinking that "wow this girl really could be crazy" or maybe you just said it to yourself outloud...hmmmm?

when i get in the mood to bake cookies, i end up eating some dough then once the cookies are all baked, i no longer want any cookies.

i have the most amazing daughter. she is the greatest human being alive. even when she's talking back and being kinda of a butthead. i love her to pieces and she's everything to me.

i'm married to my high school sweetheart. we have now been together for HALF our lives!!! it's pretty amazing when you think about. we've grown up together and been through so much. he's an amazing guy and does so much for our family. he always finds a way to make me laugh. i love him.

i was scared to death moving to CA from FL about 3 yrs ago and now, i don't think i want to live anywhere else. great and wonderful things have happened for our family since we've been here that i don't think anywhere else could be better

i wear slippers almost all day. they are so comfy!!! love love love my slippers

breakfast is my favorite meal. i can eat anything that would be considered "breakfast" at any time of the day.

i am responsible for getting my bff with her now fiance!!! i'm so above the moon excited for her that i wish i had millions and millions of dollars to give her the wedding of her dreams just so show her how much she means to me

i could keep going and going with random things about myself, but i need to get up to "the kid's" school and go help out. what do i need to know about you, if we're to be bff's?

{insert witty title here}

i don't really have a whole lot to post about today, but since i've been reading a few other blogs, i decided that i should at least try to post something new at least 3 times a week. maybe by doing this i will get inspired to find certain things to post about. but for today....this is it.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


since the start of 2011 i have kept a notebook with titles of books i've read. as i write this, it's the 20th and i've read 6 books and i'm working on the 7th. here's my list so far:

Ape House by Sara Gruen
Burned by P.C. Cast
Measure of a Lady by Deeanne Gist
Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead
Frostbite by Richelle Mead
Riding Lessons by Sara Gruen
Sizzlin Sixteen by Janet Evanovich

Sara Gruen is an amazing author. I read Water for Elephants about a year ago, I think, and loved the book. when Ape House first came out i couldn't wait to read it. but the cheapass i am, waited for awhile and found it at the library. i could barely put the book down it was that good. i have requested another book of hers from the library and can't wait till i get that one. i'm currently reading Riding Lessons and that is great as well. it catches your attention right from the beginning and whenever i get a free moment i pick it up.

the P C Cast book along with others in the series are pretty good. Burned is book 7 of the House of Night novels and i can't wait till book 8 is in my hands. i'm currently position 4 in the library queue and i wish it was here NOW!! you have to put up with a lot of repetition of background story bits, but it's a good story.

richelle mead's books are also not to shabby. i've been on a vampire kick since.......the '90's and haven't let go of it. tho my husband will disagree and say it's all because of twilight. but he's wrong. these books tell of a vampire princess and her guardian who are in high school. not only are they dealing with high school drama and growing up, but also trying to survive attacks. i'm also waiting for books 3 and 4 from this series from the library.

deeanna gist's book was interesting. good story line set in the wild west of california's gold rush days. but for me...and it's not against the author or anyone else, but it was too christian for me. too much god-stuff. which is fine, but not for me. the main female character was an interesting twist on the "proper" ladies of the day being very interested in bugs instead of sewing and tea parties. not too bad of a read tho.

janet i love her. she's an amazing author. her books will have you literally laughing out loud and at times with tears running down your face. her tales of stephaine plum are amazing. sizzlin' sixteen is the newest in the plum tales and just as good. finished this book in about a day it's that good.

i plan on keeping track of what books and how many i read this year. not really for any other purpose other then pure curiosity. i know i read a lot. this will show me just how much. i have 3 books on request at the library and will probably go back this weekend and pick up some more to read till they come in. i like to mix in books that make you think with books i call "fluff", meaning easy to follow plot lines and characters. if anyone is reading this and has any suggestions, please share!!!


Well....i have finished the book (awhile ago actually) and i am still not sure what i really think about it. this book was written in the '60's then based in the future of 1984 where this huge group "big brother" has taken over to make life better. it's a crazy idea to think that something like this could happen where a group has now taken over every aspect of daily life and make it "better" when actually it's worse. i don't know. i don't think i'll revisit this book ever again. it made me really angry at parts when the knowledge that if something happens that "big brother" doesn't like, they can literally just re-write history. they can even make you question your own past and events that happened to see if it really did happen. sex isn't something to look forward too. your own children are taught to keep an eye out on you to make sure that you're not turning against "big brother". it's a psycho messed up world. one i'm glad is in a book.