Wednesday, June 16, 2010

date night

last night steve and i went on a date. it was the first in a really long time. i can not fully express how excited i was!!! i mean, i love our daughter so completely much, but i really really miss having time alone with just my hubby. it's fun getting to sit down to a dinner with grown up talk about work things or even just silly things. which yes we can do with her around, but it's nice not to also. we can talk about anything tho usually the topic of what she said or did came up here and there which always happens eventually. then we went and saw a movie. it was a great movie, plot was about a simple guy working with a set of other simple rouges who all set out to bring down the big bad companies who killed his father and also responsible for him now having a bullet lodged in his brain. funny and quirky. just like we like movies.

whilst at the theater, we saw the weirdest thing. a set of 3 people were sitting outside talking with a small white dog among them (not the weird part). they then came into the theater, with dog in tow, purchased tickets then proceeded to the candy lines. you know how you get this weird feeling about people sometimes, like "oh crap...they better not be coming into our movie", well...that feeling hit hard. we find our seats, i go grab some goobers (cause really? what is a movie without them?) come back to find these same 3 people and dog all walking into our theater!! i's a small white fluff of a dog. no " in training" vest or anything...who brings their pocket dog to a movie!!!! apparently these people. i can't complain too much, because thankfully, the dog was as quiet as a mouse. never heard a thing from it. tho it was rather weird and something random.