Sunday, September 4, 2011

creative juices flow....

the creative juices have been flowing!!! which is a good thing and also a bad.
good because i LOVE being creative, bad because then i want to go all crazy with creating things.....but then lack of money stops me.
so need a job to support my "habit"

i will be attending my bff's wedding later this month!! which i'm SUPER excited about on so many levels! i'm her maid of honor and will be wearing a beautiful dress a color called "clover" finding green shoes that don't look like i pulled them of a leprechaun or gold shoes that i pulled off a very hard. BUT with some creativity, i solved my problem. i went to the fabric store and bought as close to my color swatch as possible green material and made these shoe clips.

shoes bought from payless

it took several tries, but i'm really happy with how they came out, and so is my bride. and by the way....these heels are AMAZINGLY COMFY!!! just amazing. and this is a TON coming from someone who HATES wearing heels.

when i get back from the wedding, there will be pics galore of my adventure.

i also recently made these earrings....

i found these beautiful resin cabochons at the craft store and fell in love!!!
bought some earring backs, used some special glue and POOF! lovely earrings were made.

there was also a headband i made and i'm also thinking about how i can use my failed attempts of the other shoe clips into other crafts. i'll post some pics of those once i figure it all out.

i've got some knitting projects on my mind as well....i plan on making one of these, some more washcloths (because they're so simple and who couldn't use a washcloth?) and also some wrist warmers are currently in my needles, and i would love to make this.

if you have any ideas for me, please let me know!

xoxo, manda