Thursday, August 12, 2010

hide & seek

with staying home now, i am finding small bits of myself that i thought were truly lost only to find that they were merely hidden from me. it's been like playing hide & seek.....finding my creativity, finding my inner artist, finding little bits of happiness.

it has been fun finding each little piece again. i have started out small. making a beaded headband for my daughter, then one for myself. gathering up ideas of future projects to make and create. i have always loved to create things. i am finding myself coming up with grand ideas of making things again, from sewing a fleece vest for her to wear, or knitting hand warmers for her because "they're really cool". things that maybe she'll wear or not. but it's the creating part i'm loving again.

also i have had loads of time to reconnect with music. oh, how i have missed music! being able to listen to it all day long is such a joy to me. i love music. it is so powerful and moving and thrilling. from new to old music, i love it all. i wish i had an ounce of musical ability in my body. but...i do not. i can sort of carry a tune, but nothing to rave about.

i wonder where this journey will take me.....i wonder what i can come up with to create now. i just know that it feels really good to be able to continue to play this little game of hide & seek.....i wonder what's hiding behind this old trunk?