Thursday, January 20, 2011


since the start of 2011 i have kept a notebook with titles of books i've read. as i write this, it's the 20th and i've read 6 books and i'm working on the 7th. here's my list so far:

Ape House by Sara Gruen
Burned by P.C. Cast
Measure of a Lady by Deeanne Gist
Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead
Frostbite by Richelle Mead
Riding Lessons by Sara Gruen
Sizzlin Sixteen by Janet Evanovich

Sara Gruen is an amazing author. I read Water for Elephants about a year ago, I think, and loved the book. when Ape House first came out i couldn't wait to read it. but the cheapass i am, waited for awhile and found it at the library. i could barely put the book down it was that good. i have requested another book of hers from the library and can't wait till i get that one. i'm currently reading Riding Lessons and that is great as well. it catches your attention right from the beginning and whenever i get a free moment i pick it up.

the P C Cast book along with others in the series are pretty good. Burned is book 7 of the House of Night novels and i can't wait till book 8 is in my hands. i'm currently position 4 in the library queue and i wish it was here NOW!! you have to put up with a lot of repetition of background story bits, but it's a good story.

richelle mead's books are also not to shabby. i've been on a vampire kick since.......the '90's and haven't let go of it. tho my husband will disagree and say it's all because of twilight. but he's wrong. these books tell of a vampire princess and her guardian who are in high school. not only are they dealing with high school drama and growing up, but also trying to survive attacks. i'm also waiting for books 3 and 4 from this series from the library.

deeanna gist's book was interesting. good story line set in the wild west of california's gold rush days. but for me...and it's not against the author or anyone else, but it was too christian for me. too much god-stuff. which is fine, but not for me. the main female character was an interesting twist on the "proper" ladies of the day being very interested in bugs instead of sewing and tea parties. not too bad of a read tho.

janet i love her. she's an amazing author. her books will have you literally laughing out loud and at times with tears running down your face. her tales of stephaine plum are amazing. sizzlin' sixteen is the newest in the plum tales and just as good. finished this book in about a day it's that good.

i plan on keeping track of what books and how many i read this year. not really for any other purpose other then pure curiosity. i know i read a lot. this will show me just how much. i have 3 books on request at the library and will probably go back this weekend and pick up some more to read till they come in. i like to mix in books that make you think with books i call "fluff", meaning easy to follow plot lines and characters. if anyone is reading this and has any suggestions, please share!!!


Kari said...

Very cool idea! I actually have one of those little day planner/pocket calendar things that I get from the credit union each year before the holidays and I log what I do every day (including movies I watch and books I read). I've been doing this faithfully for about 10 years now and though I don't often refer back to them, it is nice to have a record of things, even if they are just completely mundane entries consisting of nothing more than "hung at home with brian today." I LOVE the idea of keeping a list just for books though. I try to keep my shelfari page pretty up to date too (not so much using goodreads anymore) but yeah, this is my really long-winded way of saying, "great idea, Manda." :)

Laura said...

We read A LOT of the same books! OMG! Long lost book twin! *cherishes*

Amanda said...

we should have like some kind of online book club thingy?