Wednesday, August 3, 2011


isn't this the cutest!?!?!?

these are hand made by ME!!! washcloth/face cloths that are made from 100% cotton yarn that are just so soft and great to use to wash your face, body, dishes, anything!!! and the best part!! completely machine washable and totally reusable!!

there are 3 in this bundle.

it's something small that i thought would be great for a first give away! and the colors are great!! totally reminds me of the ocean or a super pretty blue sky

now here's how you can enter to WIN!!!

1) you must be a follower of my blog
2) you must Facebook or Blog about this give away
3)you must recommend your favorite book to me and why you love it so
4) leave a comment letting me know you did these with a link to either your blog post about this or Facebook post :)

see....4 easy peasy ways to win!!! on August 10th a winner will be announced! it will be completely random who wins! your names will be written down and a winner will be picked by little a!

good luck!!!


Kari said...

Yaaay! You had me at blue, of course.
1. I follow you, obviously. ;)
2. Done!
3. It's REALLY hard to choose just one but one you may not be familiar with is Story of My Life by Jay McInerney. I love it because I discovered it in my late teens when I was not much younger than the protagonist, Alison Poole, and was delighted to learn that she was even more dysfunctional than I am (and, arguably, far more entertaining).
4. I don't know how to post a link to it on my fb page but you can take a peek. ;)

Last Mom said...

Woohoo!!! I love prizes! I, of course, follow you. I linked to your blog on my blog post this morning. (Last thing. It's a long post today!) Picking a favorite book would be hard! I'm not one to read books again and again, though I think I could with the Hunger Games trilogy. I also really love the Traveling Pants series and look forward to reading them with L when she's a little older. I really loved a book called "Toyer" by Gardner McKay. It's a psychological thriller and I could not put it down. I read it in one sitting.

Renee AKA Sylvia said...

Since those totally match my bathroom and I am dying to have something knitted by you (and for you to teach me how to do so, of course, so we can knit together, now and when we are little old ladies), here I am entering the contest!

1. I always follow you. Your blog and you...I know where you live...hahah creeeeepy...;-)
2. Go check out FB and see my most amazing post. I tried to do it on my iPhone but I had no idea, so computer was way better.
3. Now, we talk about books a lot since we both love to read. I am going to recommend getting a Kindle to you now that I think I found out how to share books or get used/cheaper ones. I'm still in that researching process. I will always recommend ANYTHING and everything by Nicholas Sparks, my favorite author- you will laugh, feel romanced, and cry. What better pageturners than that? But, for kid-like purposes, the teacher in me is going to recommend a couple of children's books that even adults love to read. "Mud Tacos" by Mario Lopez. YES- A.C. Slater!!!!! My mother tracked this book down for me last year to read to my class. It's written by Mario and his sister about their childhood and making mud tacos in the backyard with a cousin who thinks he's "too old" to play. This goes to show we are never too old to read and enjoy these books! Now, if Mark-Paul Gosselaar wrote a children's book? That's another story! :-) And lastly, The Skippyjon Jones books! I don't care if I am 28, I love these books! Freaking hilarious!!! This little cat thinks he is a chihuahua and he goes off on adventures to Mexico and beyond in his closet. I will read the first book to you in my "muy, muy bueno Spanish accent." He reminds me of S and B, my catlike Chihuahuas!
4. Done and done!!!!!