Thursday, March 24, 2011

{the wedding}

we planned a small, simple, and perfect wedding. our college semesters were broken up into 11wks of school, one week off, on for another 11wks then off for 3wks. our spring break was during the 1wk off and that's when we planned to have our wedding. we were still living in ft. lauderdale and home was only 2 hours away, but was still crazy planning a wedding while going to school full time, working part time, and being pregnant. {there are kinda 2 stories this whole story} thankfully between both sets of parents we had a ton of "hook-ups". we decided to get married at a restaurant the was located along the indian river. they had an outside deck and the room we held the reception in was just stunning. the whole building was used as a rum runner building during the prohibition days so there was a ton of charm and uniqueness to the place. nothing matched...tables were different from long to round. chairs were different styles, there were stained glass windows hanging above tables in all different colors. it was the perfect place. my mom made my wedding dress. she also made my maid of honor's dress and my sister, due to location, made hers. a friend of the family's did all our flowers, another did all the was amazing.

our song was "hanging by a moment" by lifehouse in the acoustic version. we did things simply and had a blast.

the only thing missing was his brother. remember how i said he was in the navy during this time? he was serving on the U.S.S Rossevelt which was over near the middle east. he was due to be back in the states on march 22 and would have been about to serve as best man. due to things out of our control, the ship that was due to relieve them was late. he was back stateside march 25th and back to home the 27th. he just missed us! but he did an amazing thoughtful thing. while out one night on "shore leave" he and his friends toasted us and had it recorded and sent for us to watch. it still makes me tear. so he wasn't physically there with us, but he was still there.

we had our honeymoon in st. augustine, fl. we stayed at a bed and breakfast and took time to be our married selves. we found this amazing little wrap sandwich place that i think we ate at everyday! we're simple people like that! {both junior and senior proms, we ate simple. senior prom's dinner was at chili's!} we took a carriage ride, walked along the shops, went and got a massage, climbed to the top of the lighthouse {which technically i shouldn't have done, being 33wks prego at the time}....were just happily married people. i remember when we went for a tour we had to sign our names, S stepped back and said "'s your first time using your new name". i was so happy to be using HIS last name. i was officially "HIS" now. we were family.

during all this wedding planning and school and work.....we were pregnant. we watched my belly grow, my moods swing like crazy {i'm so sorry honey!} thought of names and tried really hard to not go crazy buying stuff. one night he made dinner and he made schezwan chicken. when he opened the jar of spice...both our sinuses were clear. it was crazy spice. when it was done, we sat down expecting a really good meal. i caved after like 3 bites. it was SPICY!! CRAZY HOT SPICY!!! it ended up being a cereal-for-dinner kinda of night. while sleeping, at about 2am, i'm woken up by the weirdest feeling. the baby is reacting to the spice. she was going NUTS!! just moving like much you can SEE my belly moving around. i woke him up and was kinda freaking out myself! i turned to him and said..."omg what did you do to her!!" i drank some milk and she really calmed down after that. but man...i was scared we like damaged her or something! but things were fine. {to this day little a doesn't really do spicy foods lol}

while driving up to our bed and breakfast, i noticed how swollen my feet and hands were. i chalked it up to just from all the stress from the wedding. when our short stay was over, we drove back to sebastian {home} to see his brother. it was so great to be able to finally see him. he couldn't believe my belly! it's one thing hearing someone is pregnant, but another actually seeing them that way. we spent the last few days of our spring break spending time with him and seeing some family that was still in town for the wedding. our last night in town we went out to dinner with his parents and brother. while sitting there, i had this crazy sharp pain shoot up the back of my head and felt extremely nauseous. i dashed off to the bathroom. thankfully nothing ummm....came up. but i went outside to get some fresh air afterwards. his brother came out and sat with me and we chatted a bit. S and i had to be back in ft lauderdale by april 1st for a doctors appt. and it was also the first day of our graduating quarter...................

and now my lovelies.....i'm leaving you here. part 3 will be in 8 days. just to keep with the time line of "our story"


Melissa said...

I remember it fondly, even the swollen feet! Happy Anniversary to you both. I love you!

Amanda said...

i seriously could have done without the swollen feet!! lol thanks!! love you too!!!