Tuesday, March 15, 2011

online "shopping" {sigh}

today while home, i decided to browse the interwebs for some new clothes, that will probably never make it into my closet. i LOVE clothes, but mostly how they look on other people. i don't really have a set "style" other then "yeah...ok this works. i think". but here's some of that i was looking at today, and yes...i already know before you say anything...THERE ARE OTHER COLORS THEN BLACK!!! but black works so well on me!!!! and {shocking i know!!!} i picked out some dresses i liked....weird huh? now if only i had the gazillions of dollars to buy this stuff i'd be a happy lady!


Kari said...

I LOVE all of these outfits! I have the style of a 12 year old boy, t-shirts, jeans, sweats and flip-flops rule my life. I would LOVE to dress more stylishly but yeah, being broke is not conducive to re-inventing one's wardrobe. Sigh.

Amanda said...

loving this stuff isn't getting it in my closet tho!!! lol it's only in my head would i probably really truly wear this cute stuff. the world in my head is WAY better then the one going on outside...sigh.

Melissa said...

I love everything and can see these outfits on you. Pick an outfit once a month and buy it... surely that wont break the bank! I've seen your closet and you need some new and exciting options. Ahh, I love that feeling you get when you put on a new outfit that you love. I think a $50 outfit that makes you feel great is worth the expense. P.S. I'll be purging my wardrobe and buying some new stuff soon too... despite my lack of funds (hopefully not for too long! :) )