Wednesday, March 23, 2011


here's something silly for the day:

3 random things about me

1. i always want ice cream when it's super cold out, even when i can't feel my toes i'm so cold

2. i used to fall asleep playing with my belly button when i was little. no thumb sucking for me

3. sometimes, when i'm really sad and even with S right next to me in bed, i'll cuddle with the first pooh bear he gave me that stays on our bed.

what's random about you today?


Kari said...

I organize my closet hangers by color. If Brian hangs up my clothes after doing laundry and puts them on the wrong color hanger for that particular part of the closet (for example, pants on a pink hanger instead of teal) I will go ahead and move them to the "proper" color hanger. That's probably more OCD than random but there you have it. ;)

Jennifer said...

I refuse to make my bed unless its on Friday after its been washed or we r having company...