Wednesday, June 22, 2011

well...hello there!!!

so yeah...i've been sucktastic lately with my bloggyness or lack thereof really. my head has been a funky place lately and there were thoughts that shouldn't be shared outside of it. i'm sure you've all been there? right?!??! RIGHT!?!?! ok....i know you're agreeing with me, now i feel better.

well.....let's see....what's been going on that will make sense to share about. our road trip vacation was amazing!!! i bought a and mines tickets to FLORIDA!!!!!!!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!!!!! prepare to be invaded fl.....we're just gonna rock your world!! (you may need a cigarette after, wink wink). school's out. a and i have so for just been bums really. lounging around.....reading....watching movies/ know typical bummy stuff.

i've been thinking about what kinda direction i wanted to take this blog in and i've decided that i wanted to do more reviews of the books i've been reading since books are like air to me. i really need to air to survive, it is like one of the main things keeping us alive, and to me books are apart of that. ask anyone who knows me, i usually always have a book in my hand. the other a glass of my own sweet tea.....another basic to living a proper life. so...with that said expect to see more about what i'm reading. i know on other blogs there's like a little gadget i can add to show you what i'm reading, but seriously.....i go through like 2-3 books a week. so....i'd be constantly updating it and it sounds like a real pain in the arse. sorry. but it's true. cope. ;)

also since having some down time i've been jammin to pandora on my iphone (yeah we're cool like that now, we's on the iphone party train and man...i've developed an unnatural love for it's always with me) so it's pretty awesome. i'm on my third glass of wine, singing along to this song....why!?!? because apparently pandora thinks queen is a whole lot like avril lavigne and i needed to hear it right now. duh.

also this song is also kinda amazing and even tho it's about a couple, i kinda feel like it's about me too....but i hope in the future it'll change and you'll come to love me too.

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