Monday, June 27, 2011

Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks

sigh...........S makes fun of me everytime i come home from the library with one of his books...."who died this time?" is his first question. and sadly...he's right. Sparks' has a pattern to his writing and not that it's a bad thing, it's just something you come to expect in his writing. someone dies/died/is dying and need to overcome/deal with loss/come to grips with. people fall in love, have issues then are happy again. it's just how it is.

i've read all his books, except the one with his brother. Safe Haven was good. i liked the characters and the storyline. the one thing i really enjoy about his writing style is how much you feel you're there with the characters in the area they're at at the time....if they're at the beach having a picnic, you can feel the sand, hear the waves, feel the ocean breeze on your face.....well...i can anyway :)

i feel for the main character "katie"....i had a boyfriend once who thought an occasional hit was ok. he didn't last me. he didn't like that i hit back. anyways.....what she goes through is horrible and the strength she shows overcoming it is great. it takes a lot to get away from abusive people. physically or emotionally abusive people are horrible and ruin lives everyday. if you know someone or of someone who is dealing with issues like this, them get some help. there are most likely hidden signs, odd comments they might make....but they are scared. they need to get away and press charges.

i enjoyed this book. it's an easy quick read. something to help take you away from daily life for a little bit.

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