Tuesday, February 1, 2011

spontaneous invisibility cloak

do you ever get that? like one minute you know that people see you and are talking to you, then *POOF* it seems as if you completely have disappeared!?!? i know my car has this problem, there have been so many random times when i've almost been side swiped by people. fun times driving in ca. fun times indeed.

i guess we all go through times were people see you and can talk to you and enjoy your company, then others where it's like you've completely gone. spontaneous invisibility cloak! when you're under the cloak you can completely see and hear what's going on around you which in it's own right can be pretty darn fun. you can gather little bits of funny stories or shocking news from "she said/she said" stuff. you can see people who think no one is paying attention to them do the silliest or rudest things possible.

i like to think of my cloak as a pretty shinning star covered cloak complete with sparkles and glitter. you can never go wrong with glitter!! ever. or stars. what would your spontaneous invisibility cloak look like?

1 comment:

Melissa said...

It would be purple, paisley, and girly of course!